Wendy provides fun, relaxed, creative and informative classes offering to pass on her years of experience, knowledge and ideas to assist with both the class and your own home projects. It's learning in a fun environment with like minded students. I've been a student for over 8 years and am still learning new things at each class.

The world of cake decorating is only limited by your own imagination. Kellie

After 3 years +, I have learnt a lot and the social side is really great. It is a fun and relaxing atmosphere. What is said in cake class, stays in cake class and I really appreciate being able to be myself. Thanks heaps Wendy. Vicki

I have been coming to classes for 1.5 years now. Home life is rather stressful at times and coming to class gives me the opportunity to relax and unwind. Wendy is so relaxed and easy going and I learn heaps. Class is fun and I look forward to it every week. The girls in class are really nice and I have made some friends. Robyn

I loved coming to classes and did for 4 years. I have turned the skills Wendy has taught me into a little business, making cakes from home and earning a bit of money on the side. Wendy is so patient and easy to understand and I have never felt dumb in the class. You are amazing, thank you Wendy. Jan